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Moon River

What I'm listening to at this moment.


September Music Mix

I think it's about time I shared another little mix on the blog. As I mentioned before, Autumn is my very favorite season for many reasons. It's a comforting time spent curled up under cozy knit blankets, sipping pumpkin spice lattes (decaf for me), and this year focussing many warm thoughts inward to this growing bub of ours. I'm trying my best to let the calm of the season wash over me. Taking long deep breaths, and listening to good music. New and old. 
Here's a few songs I've been listening to over the past little while. So many great new albums have just been released. I'll try to make another mix very soon. 

Enjoy, my friends.

Patrick Watson - Big Bird In a Small Cage
Chris and Thomas - Broken Chair
Mason Jennings - Ballad of Paul and Sheila
Bon Iver - Stacks
Daughter - Medicine
Julia Stone - With the Light
Heather Woods Broderick - From the Ground
Mountain Man - Animal Tracks
Emily and The Woods - Eye To Eye
Julia Stone - Bloodbuzz Ohio
Angus Stone - Wooden Chair
Bowerbirds - Tuck the Darkness in
Bronson - Offering
Sean Nicholas Savage - Dreamers Die Hard
Daughter - Home
The xx - Reunion
Sarah Jaffe - Limerence
Emily Wells - Piece of it
Karen O and the Kids - Hideaway

p.s. My friend Cori made another one of her awesome music mixes for the 124 street Grand Market website if any of you care to listen. It's starts off with my all time favorite Autumn song.
We'll be selling at the market again tonight! It will be our second last time.


March Music Mix!

A new re:frame post is up today. This weeks word was 'Musica', and I thought it would be fitting to post another Sappy Apple mix tape. So, my friends, enjoy and have a very happy weekend!

Track List:
We Move Lightly // Dustin O'Halloran
In The Hearts Of Men // First Aid Kit
Lay Lady Lay // Magnet and Gemma Hayes
One Day // Sharon Van Etten
Plains // Wye Oak
Swing Gently // Leona Naess
Dust Bowl III // Other Lives
Opus 28 // Dustin O'Halloran
Landfill // Daughter
Good Friend // Plants and Animals
Simple Song // The Shins
Easy Way Out // Gotye
Ghost Train // Summer Camp
Betty Wang // Hospitality
Generator 1st Floor // Freelance Whales
Window// The Album Leaf


Mix Tape- December

Here it is- the very last Sappy Apple mix tape of 2011.  Just a little assortment of what I've been listening to lately. Enjoy and happy holidays!


Mix Tape- October!

If I had to pick one season to be my favorite it would be Autumn. The foliage, the cozy knit sweaters, the freckled ending of a busy and blissful Summer… I always try to savor every fleeting moment of Fall. For me, a long walk on the beach would pale in comparison to a tree-lined street. It’s the end of impulsiveness and the beginning of improvement, the calm and colorful realization that I didn’t really commit to many of my Summer goals. So many lingering lists and dusty boxes to unpack... But, why worry?  It’s a beautiful mess out there and not even the sidewalks seem to mind…
I'm off with my boys to soak it all in. Sip a chai tea latte, surround myself with the ones I love and eat a piece of pumpkin pie, of course.
Happy Thanksgiving and a little music mix from me to you!
p.s. you may notice i'm a little in love with Lanterns On The Lake right now... It's just the prettiest music.


Today I will...

Make a quiche.
• Help Linus perfect his Oprah impersonation.
• Decide on paint colours for the new house.
• Play in the backyard.
• Read stories to my boy while he sits on the potty.
• Watch The Royal Tenenbaums while I fold laundry.
• Fold some more laundry.
• Kiss Jedi and Sadie and Linus, too.
• Go to my pottery class.
• Finally see the last HP movie!
• Cuddle with my guys before bed.
These Days - The Royal Tenenbaums from Music + Films on Vimeo.


Mix Tape- June!

Another little mix tape for you on this lovely Summer solstice! What a beautiful day it's been. I love the lingering smell of a good thunderstorm. The sun is shining now, pretty blooming peonies are scattered around my home, I had two cuties over to dance and play in the yard with me and Linus, and our house is cleaner and more organized than It's ever been. Now I'm just soaking up the stillness here and looking forward to a little evening stroll with my sugar snap pea loving, diaper bummed, whispered secret telling, freshly napped two year old...before the bedlam of selling our house and moving to a new one hits us. Enjoy the mix and take pleasure in the simple things this Summer.

I am so in love with the first song on the mix. Clementine by Sarah Jaffe.

I wish my name was Clementine, too.
I also want to quickly share this video because I couldn't find the song on Grooveshark. It's 2% by Ezza Rose (another beautiful name that I might just have to give my future baby girl...).


Mix Tape- May!

* This is not the original playlist from May. I had a little trouble while I was making June's mix and now they are the same... Sorry! I will fix it when I find the time.

**UPDATE!** I just can't figure out what all the songs were originally... Here are the few I know for sure:
1. A New Dawn- Followed by Ghosts
2. Relief- Sam Amidon
3. Lost In My Mind- The Head and the Heart
4. Harmony to my Heartbeat- Sally Seltmann
5. Grown Ocean- Fleet Foxes
6. Sweet Louise- The Belle Brigade
7. Your California Sky- Will Stratton
8. Human Qualities- Explosions in the Sky

(photo by Marco Suarez)


Simple Pleasures

 Just a few things around here that are bringing me joy. Many simple pleasures.

•My childhood friend and talented photojournalist Ben Nelms recently introduced me to the work of photographer Christopher Anderson. I've been swooning over his book project entitled 'Son'. So beautiful and inspiring.
•My pretty new stamp from NoteTrunk. I'll be using it on my fabric backed business cards from now on.
• All the lovely fabric I have to choose from!
• Fresh and sweet strawberries. My boy has been asking for them everyday. I'm so glad he enjoys eating all sorts of fruits and vegetables. How did I get so lucky?
•My tulips and daffodils are finally beginning to sprout! It's magical and it makes me jump for joy whenever I'm outside. My neighbors must think I've lost my marbles...•I'm really enjoying Tina Fey's new book Bossypants. I keep thinking back to various quotes and start giggling quietly to myself. My family probably thinks I've lost my marbles too...•Finding Linus' toys set up in the corners of our home. •This lovable shmoo.

•And this video makes me oh so happy. The colors... The movement... The music...the faces! Enjoy.


Mix Tape- April!

I've put together another little mixtape. Enjoy!

P.S. My Lovely friend and Etsy Alberta Street Team mate, Lindy has a wonderful blog too. She posted about our wedding today! Check it out here.


Wye Oak

I've been in love with Wye Oaks new album Civilian for a while now. I'm pretty sure I included one of their songs in my last play list. I just had to share this beautiful new video they did for their song 'fish'. I'm a huge fan of paper cuts art, so this really caught my eye.
p.s. I'm planning to post another mix tape very soon. I just need this strep throat to go away before I can put any energy or thought into anything other than Linus. He's been a very sweet boy though. He asks me if I'm okay all the time, he reads me stories and hands me my water. Such a honey pie. I love him oh so much.
Enjoy the video!

Wye Oak - Fish from Merge Records on Vimeo.


Mix Tape- March

I've put together another mix tape of what Linus and I are listening to right now. Don't worry, I didn't included any of his Yo Gabba Gabba picks. Although "Don't Bite Your Friends" is probably #1 most listened to at our house.
The 14 day trend is looking up for us here in Edmonton. The sun is shining. So, download a few tunes get your boots on and go for a walk!



Live The Language

Comptine d'un autre été: L'après-midi - Yann Tiersen by bay cingılbört

I was supposed to see Yann Tiersen this week with a few friends at The Starlight Room. Unfortunately bad weather forced him to cancel the performance. I'm so bummed that I couldn't see him. Since seeing Amelie (my very favorite movie ever!) and buying the soundtrack, I've been obsessed with Yann Tiersen. I just hope to have the opportunity to see him again, perhaps in France someday.
Speaking of France, these fantastic video clips for the EF
Live the Language campaign have been making the blog rounds, I absolutely adore them! The typography, cinematography, message is perfection! Have you seen them yet? I just love this one of Paris. It's such a wonderful city. You can see more clips for other countries here.

EF - Live The Language - Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.


For the listening and viewing pleasure of both you and me.

So I recently came across this gem of a band called Oh Land! The Danish singer Nanna Øland Fabricius is super creative and on her website it says she grew up in a incredibly stimulating envoirnment with an almost 'circus-like' upbringing with an opera singer for a mother and a theater organist for a father.

She is a trained ballet dancer and her performance style is 'a soundscape of dreams'. She stated that her goals is "to sound like I'm from 2050, but still feel really classic, like the music is an old friend." Since I like her so much, today I am sharing two videos ....

Oh Land- White Nights (Live) from Oh Land Music on Vimeo.

I also want to share a little Agnes Obel. I'm sure many of you are already quite familiar with her, but her music is just so beautiful that I couln't resist. She's Dutch too!

Here is one last video. Angus & Julia Stone's "Big Jet Plane". I think it's fitting and i'm in love with their new whimsical video. Do Enjoy and have yourself a very happy Tuesday!