We spent May long weekend in Vancouver with family. It was Casper's first flight and he was a dream baby. He smiled at the flight attendants when they walked by and slept most of the way. I was able to sip my ginger ale, watch Love It or List It Vancouver and wish I had brought my book in my carry on... We took Linus to Vancouver Island when he was 3 months old and it was just as easy. Such a great time to travel.
Vancouver was beautiful as always. The rhododenrons were blooming around every corner. We stayed in a hotel downtown, just a few blocks from where my dad, brother and step mom are staying while they renovate their home. We walked most places- Gastown, the park, the aquarium, the playground, along the water and to grab breakfast each morning. Linus had so much fun playing Lego and Star Wars with his uncles Zane and Elias. We miss those guys like crazy.
We're looking forward to going back for a longer visit in August. Hoping to meet a new little cousin!


  1. Your little man looks like such a wise boy already. I love Vancouver! I'm living on Vancouver Island now, in Victoria. Not close to you, but in the same country at least :) Hoping you're well.

  2. My, just look at your 4 little boys. My they all look so stunning and I believe they will grow up to be a perfect gentleman and heartthrobs. Your little angel is so gorgeous while sitting in between those pillows. He’s so adorable. I’m very much curious how it feels when reading aloud a storybook to four little boys. My, I think its heavenly! God Bless you and your family!

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  3. Cooksie, I haven't checked out your blog in a while, but as always, I love it. It is really fun to see those brothers of yours growing up. They are very cute. Zane is definitely looking like Ace. And I do enjoy the view they have there. Of course Linus and Casper are as adorable as ever!

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  5. we just got back from a trip to vancouver (where i'm from) so i loved seeing these photos. so happy i found your blog through her library adventures this morning :)