Our baby boy, Casper Bear is 1 month old today. I just can't believe it. The last month was the quickest month of my life. I say it all the time- I need to slow down and soak in these moments before my boys are all grown up! So bittersweet.

Casper is such a loveable little guy. He's a very smiley boy already. He thinks patty cake is hilarious and he's beginning to tell us lot's of stories. He likes his tummy time and is getting so good at holding his little head up. He's been chubbin' out like crazy- gaining about a pound a week and making mama very proud. I've had to tuck away a few itty bitty onesies and sleepers that he doesn't fit into anymore, again bittersweet. He's in love with his big brother, Linus. They melt my heart on a daily basis with all the sweet cuddles, coo's and kisses.

Evan and I can't believe how lucky we are. We're so in love with this tiny boy.


  1. So sweet, what a cutie pie! So happy for you! I found out I was pregnant in January and about 17 weeks along. Due in September! I have loved watching you document your pregnancy process this past year. Happy Spring Krystin!

  2. He sounds wonderful! I hope one day I'll be lucky enough to have a baby boy or girl in my life.