Just a few photos of my boys. Linus has been cheering Casper on during tummy time. It's so sweet. He's also been trying to play "Star Wurs" with the little guy. At first he said he would just "carry baby Casper to the different planets like Naboo and the Deaf Star". He settled for letting Casper watch while he played in the same room. So that's what they do most mornings. They enjoy each others company.


  1. Awe, how sweet!

    My second is due any day now and I'm half excited, half dreading my 2-year-old daughter's reaction to the new baby...


  2. Oh my I have just caught up on all your postings, and I love the photos of the boys. My, I will have to cuddle that wee one, and kiss and hug Linus soon. Love and miss you all. GG