Casper Bear Griffith

Born on March 1st at 10:25 pm. 
7lbs 9oz and 18.5 inches long. He's perfect in every way and looks so much like Linus. 
He has a sweet smelling peach fuzz head that we can't stop kissing and stork bites on his eyes. I wouldn't change a thing about him. He's nursing well and he looks like a mini Gandhi when he's naked.
We're over the moon and our heart strings are exploding.
I've seen him smile in his sleep 7 times already.
Welcome to the world my little love!


  1. Yes, welcome to our family little one. Your great grandparents, Gramma Goo and Crumpit, love you. You are simply delightful. Say hi to your big brother Linus too, who we think is fantastic as well.

  2. Welcome little Casper! He has such a little wise face. Enjoy!

  3. Oh the little crossed legs! So sweet...and what a beautifully proud brother in the post above...Such precious times x

  4. beauti!!!!! Our new bubs are days apart. Enjoy mama! x

  5. congratulations!!! what a total sweetie. <3!

  6. Ah, he's so cute! Congratulations!