1 week

 I can't believe our little Casper is already a week old and at the same time it seems as though he's been in our family forever. We're a family of four now and it feels so very perfect. 

We're doing well. Healing and healthy and thriving. We've ventured out a bit to pick up a few things, take Linus for a much needed hair cut, and to visit the doctor. I'm feeling really good so far. Nursing has been challenging. I'm cracked and sore and had one very engorged breast a couple of days ago. I was forced to pump for three months with Linus and then switch to formula, so it's all very new for me. I got some help and I think I'm starting to figure it out now. I'm getting plenty of practice! 

Casper Bear is an absolute dream- a wide eyed, smiley babe full of wonder and curiosity. He's sure to cause a stir in this world. Linus is in love with him and takes every opportunity to kiss his peachy head and to find and give him back his missing sock or soother. He helps me with the laundry and always make sure to clean up his toys and games when he's done with them. I'm bursting with love for these guys. We're doing our best to include and take extra time with Linus to chat, play and cuddle. My mom has been a huge help. Linus has been over to her house to play with Jedi and Sadie after preschool a number of times this week. They were working on making a piñata a couple of days ago for Jedi's TMNT themed birthday party. He'll be turning 5 on the 28th!

This weekend has been so wonderful. Evan and I have been playing board games with Linus, cuddling and savoring every sweet moment with our two boys. 

Thank you all for all your well wishes. I seriously am the luckiest.


  1. such a cutie!! he looks so tiny in that first picture.

    romantically challenged

  2. Wow so good to hear you are all doing well. I wish you the best with your breastfeeding journey. I know it's not easy, but so worth it to try. Casper Bear is totally adorable and still so squishy. I love that newborn stage, how you're just obsessed with them... wait does that ever go away?

  3. How adorable, I'm so baby crazy right now. My son just turned 3 so I'd love to give him a brother or sister!!
    Happy weekend

  4. he looks so cute and little in this big big bed :)
    how tall is your little casper .?

    wish you the best with your two guys ;)

  5. Thank you! He truly is tiny and adorable.
    Sarah, he was 24 inches long:)