Life lately. According to my iPhone....

• All I want to eat is fruit and chocolate... and TUMS. • Two new necklaces in the shop. • Linus went tobogganing for the first time last weekend. He LOVED it! • The sun rose at 8:08am. Tomorrow it will rise at 8:06am. Every minute counts. • The nursery is almost finished. I'll post photos soon. • This boy melts my heart on a daily basis. Just the sweetest person in every way. • "Darf Vader..." • We've been busy preparing for Valentines day. Linus has everything ready for the preschool party next week. • Linus has been missing Jedi and Sadie an awful lot. They're in Hawaii. He drew all four TMNT's for Jedi the other day. I helped with 3 out of 4 of the masks. He did the rest. Pretty awesome! Jedi returned the favor with four super cool Star Wars drawings. • This place. I make sure to spend an hour relaxing and reading in bed every afternoon. • I'm full term now and feeling so ready to finally meet this little man. I've been reading all sorts of positive and inspiring birth stories to mentally prepare my self. I've been breathing deeply and sipping raspberry leaf tea. Let's do this!


  1. Let's not do it yet! You have to wait until we get home!
    I love seeing all the photos. So lovely. We miss you guys like the wind.
    Jedi will be so jealous of that Darf Vader!
    I love the Valentines that Linus made. I hope he has so much fun at the party.
    Also love the new bear picture.
    We saw a real cute baby at the King's shops today. It made me so excited about our little guy arriving so soon!

  2. what a nice post, I love all the photos :)
    happy weekend

  3. What lovely photos! And all with your iPhone? What did you use to edit them or did they come out like this?