Happy Love Day

Just a few iPhone pics from earlier. What a lovely love day. Linus had so much fun at his preschool party and really enjoyed his milk and cookies after lunch. 
It's been a busy day for us and I'm pooped! I just ordered Thai food for dinner and we plan on playing Candy Land with Linus before bed. Evan is taking me out on Saturday night. It might be one of our very last date nights together before baby boy arrives... He's almost here! Linus put one of his chocolate hearts in his baby brothers crib today. Such a honey.

p.s. I just told Linus that his cheeks look rosy red and he told me, "Dat's because Sirena kissed my cheeks all over at school today!" Sirena is one of his best friends at school. She's a cute little tomboy with messy hair. They take Gymnastics together as well. I guess things are getting pretty serious.

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