"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

I'm still playing catch up...
Linus: Watching the snow fall.
Baby boy: 36 weeks. The waddle has set in and yes, my boob is leaking...

p.s. In the second photo you can see an assortment of special little things that have been lovingly placed in baby boys room by big brother Linus. A green flash light, a tiny painting, a Star Wars watch, a piece of blue play dough in the shape of a ghost, some batteries, etc... I've been finding something new in there every few days. I put a few things away once only to find them carefully put back in the EXACT same place a few hours later.


  1. Oh that Linus is a sweetheart... he has completely won my heart! Such treasures to share. Love seeing these updates and photos! Love you all. GG

  2. That is so sweet he's like a bowerbird, nesting for his lil bro. I love the green in your pictures, and the light and the leaky boob bringing it back to reality! you're looking swell!

  3. That beautiful belly of yours is making me want another little one.

  4. beautiful! I love that you are included you bump in these posts! Oh and the leaky boobs...so been there! xx