Say hello to the...

 So lovely, so useful, so versatile, so earth-friendly - you're going to want to carry this bag with you everywhere.

Did I mention: IT'S REVERSIBLE? IT IS! Almost too good to be true.

These one-of-a-kind beauties feature two gorgeous vintage cottons and recycled canvas with large pockets on one side. The straps are 1 1/4" wide cotton webbing. I will be selling the bags in the photos at the Royal Bison for $30.00 each here in Edmonton on Dec 1st and 2nd and I plan on making more to sell in my Etsy shop shortly after that. I kind of want to keep them all for myself, though...


  1. These are adorable!! How much are you selling them for?!

  2. Thanks so much, Marci! These are selling for $30.

  3. that vintage sheet pattern with the mums and cabbage roses is my favorite floral of all time. I'm keeping my finger crossed that there will be a few of those in your etsy shop!

  4. which classic page structure with the mums and also patch carnations is actually my personal favorite floral of all time. I am just maintaining our finger surpassed that there might be a handful of those involved with your etsy go shopping!
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