I'm loving...

•Conversations with this puddin' pop. He's a sponge. He remembers everything! He brings up things I've said or done months ago. Things that seemed so insignificant at the time. 
•This candle is the cats pajamas. The creme de la creme. It's the bees knees, I tell ya! It's called 'Hot Buttered Rum' and it's sold exclusively at Anthropologie when the weather turns cold. I'm obsessed with the smell. When I saw it in the store yesterday I had a mini heart attack as I gathered 8 of them in my arms. I did eventually calm down and decided to just buy two. I'll be asking for another one from Santa, though.
•apple pears- my latest craving. So crunchy, juicy and delicious!
•Listening to my baby boys heart beat. The soothing sounds never gets old. I rented a fetal doppler a while ago to help ease my mind before I was able to feel the little guy. Now we pull it out every once in a while just to check in between doctor visits. He can hear us now:)
•Planning the nursery. Evan painted his room 'pot of cream' and I've slowly been nesting away. Making a cozy little place for baby boy to call his own.

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  1. lovely, your boy is a handsome little man :)