Right Now...

Right now I'm...

munching on juicy strawberries.
feeling itty bitty flutters and kicks. I felt Linus for the first time at 17 weeks, too.
smelling beeswax.
seeing golden leaves whirl around my back yard. 
listening to Linus hum while he plays with his Lego guys.
noticing granola bar crumbs on my bed...
wondering what this new little baby is going to be. Boy? Girl? 
looking forward to my next ultrasound appointment where we hope to find out!
organizing my craft/sewing supplies so we can move it all to a new home in the downstairs guest room.
planning the nursery! 'Pot of Cream' walls... honey bees... vintage touches... plenty of afternoon light. I can't wait!
thinking for now, I might need a bigger drawer for all the cute new baby stuff I have tucked away.
making another batch of pickle soup. A pregnancy staple.
buying modeling beeswax for Linus and more beeswax candles for myself. 
wanting to start knitting again. It's that time of year.
hoping the tulips and daffodils I planted in the front yard bloom in glorious bunches this Spring.
loving my boys cute new hair cut. He looks like a little man.
wishing you all a very cozy Autumn evening.


  1. is it a boy or a girl? or do you know yet?

  2. Lovely! Those beeswax candles are great, thanks for sharing. xo