Sappy Apple goodies!

I've been busy again this week making pretty things for the 124st Grand Market here in Edmonton. Market totes, fabric bunting, lavender clouds and necklaces galore. It looks like it's going to be another sunshiny day, so if you're looking for something to do this evening come say hi to Cori and I! We might be giving out free lemonade again! Even though it was a total fiasco last time...
Oh, and for those of you who've been asking about when I plan on opening my Etsy shop again, I apologize. I know I had mentioned possibly opening it last week, but i've just been so busy these days.  I don't think I'll get around to starting it up for another couple of weeks. I'll keep you updated, though! 
 I'm thinking about doing a little Sappy Apple Shop giveaway next month. I'm not sure what I should offer up... Any suggestions?


  1. Well - I absolutely adore that little necklace with the tiny balls... consider it sold if it goes unsold at the market today! AND I love the new totes with pockets - great idea! I also liked the bee necklace.... maybe I ought to be getting out my check book sometime!! The bunting sounds lovely too... good luck today with your sales. Love you. GG

  2. Second everything that Sheelagh said above. Am totally crushing on the necklace bottom right.

  3. I agree with the ladies who commented before me, but I have to confess a slight obsession with your new tote bags. They are so fresh and the floral fabrics remind me of the linens my mom used for special occasions when I was growing up.

  4. Thank you! I've been having so much fun making everything. I'll get the Etsy shop up and running asap!