Right Now...

Right now I'm...
•Devouring my second bowl of pickle soup today. It was so easy to make! Maybe I'll share the recipe on here soon.
•Choosing fabric for the summery wrap skirt i've been dreaming about making.
•Thinking maybe I should make a few...
•Loving how much time we've been spending in the backyard these days. 
•Knowing I should be spending less time on the hammock and more time weeding...
•Delighting over the geranium by our door and the delicate poppies in our front yard.
•Listening to Julia Stone's new album.
•Wondering if Linus will nap soon...
•Noticing a few missing macarons, so probably not...
•Making many lovely necklaces for the market next week!
•Hoping to whip up a few more of my tote bags while i'm at it.
•Feeling inspired and oh so lucky.
•Looking forward to a sunny weekend full of music, ice cream and spending plenty of time with my boys.

I finished the skirt! I kinda sorta wanna make 20 more...


  1. Love it! Pickle soup I am not so sure about. I have a piece of fabric here for you from Donna I'll give you a dingle.... you can do what you want with it. Love you lots and lots. GG

  2. i am intrigued by this pickle soup!
    PLEASE put up the recipe!

  3. I love all you've been making! Those totes are so pretty, as is your skirt. And I love those necklaces! Will you be opening up your Etsy shop soon?