Right Now...

Right now I'm...

Organizing my craft room. Something I've been meaning to do for quite some time.
• Dreaming up new creations to sell in the shop and at the new 124 Street Grand Market later this month! (more info to come)
Slicing up an orange for Linus because we're all out of Granny Smith apples...
Listening to the rain. So very calming.
• Wondering what type of blossoming tree we should plant in our back yard.
• Sipping a cup of green tea while Linus finishes his "green juiced".
Urging all of you to see 'Bully' if you haven't already. 
• Planning many special birthday parties.
Smiling at what Linus has picked out to bring for show and tell this morning- A little cloth bag filled with 2 cars, a puzzle piece, a bouncy ball, and a baby bell cheese...
• Feeling so incredibly lucky to have such a sweet little boy. My heart aches with love for him.
• Looking forward to hosting a game night with a few friends tonight.
• Finishing this book and looking forward to starting this one.
• Wanting to use some of my vintage fabric to make a pretty patchwork picnic blanket during Linus' nap today. Maybe we'll be able to use it this weekend!
Noticing  a rabbit in the garden as he nibbles on my sprouting tulips...
• Hoping my Humulus Lupulus grows wild and free all over the outside of our house.
 Loving the art work and projects Linus brings home from preschool. He's pretty proud of his little radish plant.
• Wishing you all a happy May (my favorite month) and a wonderful weekend! May the fourth be with you.


  1. oh wow what great photos!!! Your little guys is so cute, and that vintage fabric is stunning!!!! I'm having such a hard time finding fabrics like these around my town :(

  2. What a pretty collection of vintage fabric! Looks so pretty around your home. Have a nice weekend too!


  3. Beautiful photos!

    I LOVE your couch. Are you able to tell me what brand it is?