Mothers Day

 Linus is almost three now and he's been testing Evan and I more and more these days. He's a stubborn little guy and he's mastered the temper tantrum... His face is always sticky, our home is rarely clean and my purse is filled with rocks (he's obsessed with finding rocks). Still, everyday I find myself wondering how I got so lucky. I'm Linus' mommy! There is nothing I would rather be. I love him beyond measure. No amount of purple juice on my couch will ever change that. He showers me with kisses each morning, paints pretty pictures, sings the sweetest songs and always asks to swiffer the floors. He lives for bubbles and baths and granny smith apples. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and berry lips. Oh, and check out the beautiful butterfly hair clip he made for me.

I am the luckiest. 


  1. I often think I am the luckiest!

  2. Seriously loving your blog, just found you and i'm hitting your archives hard!

    Hope you don't mind if I stick around!

    xo em

  3. Some days my babies make me feel like I could never be happy, and if I were, I would probably burst. And some days they show me that they inherited some of the stubbornness, I have spent years and will continue trying to spend years to ease in my own life.