Sarah Mavro Photo Session Giveaway!

April showers bring May flowers and with all the beautiful blooming apple tress just around the corner for us Edmontonians, what better time than now to book in a little photo shoot with my friend, the very lovely and talented Sarah Mavro! She's a lifestyle photographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta.  Her work is dreamy and truly breath taking. I'm totally enamored with her style and with the glow that seems to emanate from her work. She's an inspiration to me and I'm looking forward to having her capture our little family very soon. She's also graciously offered to take the photos for my online shop(which will be opening next month!) So, if you're in the Edmonton area and you're looking for a great photographer, contact Sarah Mavro! To find out more about her work, check out her website/facebook/twitter.

Now for the most exciting part...
Sarah is generously offering up a free photo session to a lucky Sappy Apple reader! Portraits, couples session, maternity or newborn... take your pick! Prices normally range from $175-$275, so this is something you don't want to miss out on. 
How to enter:
*** Sorry to many of my dear readers, but this giveaway is limited to those living in or visiting the Edmonton area. Hooray for supporting local talent though, right!?
1. Visit Sarah Mavro's website and look around.
2. Leave a comment below with your e-mail address (so we can contact you if you win!).
Earn extra entries by:
1. Blogging about this giveaway
2. Tweeting about this giveaway and following Sarah Mavro's twitter (If you are not on Twitter how about Facebook?)
3. Being a Sappy Apple blog follower:)

Leave a separate comment below letting me know in which ways you've entered. I will choose a winner at random on April 30th! Good Luck!

•What drew you to photography and how did you get started?
I don't exactly know what drew me to it! I just find I am always looking at the world and translating it into a photo. I started out taking a lot of pictures trying to replicate how I saw things in my mind onto film(or a memory card!). After my passion for it really started to pick up, I got a job at a photography store and worked there for about 4 years. I learned a lot there from both the job itself as well as the photographers I built relationships with over the years. I have always been fairly artistic and it has been amazing to find an outlet like photography.

•What challenges if any have you had to face with starting up your own business?
The photography itself has always come naturally to me, learning to use different cameras and editing software is a breeze. Where I struggle a lot is being a business person! You have to be really outgoing and promote yourself a lot. I find myself to be a little more modest than I probably should be, so I sometimes struggle with just saying, "HEY! I am a photographer, and I'm good at what I do!". There are a lot of photographers out there who are just really good at being businessmen and they are usually very successful, even if the photography itself isn't as strong. I hope to work on becoming a better businesswoman :)

•What type of photography do you enjoy doing most?
My favorite sessions to shoot are Equine sessions. Being a rider myself since a very young age I find it amazing that I am able to combine my two greatest passions into one. I think the result is a completely unique and personal product. I love being able to document the special bond between a horse and rider!

•Do you have any advice for those of us with dreams of becoming a professional photographer?
It is a long and not always glamorous road! Especially in Edmonton, work can be very seasonal depending what type of photography you get into. If it's really a passion, peruse it! It takes a lot of hard work and time, and you will likely be underpaid (if paid at all!) at first. If you keep at it though it can be very rewarding. 

Thanks so much, Sarah!


  1. Cool! I followed Sarah on Twitter and liked her on Facebook and I'm a Sappy Apple follower :) geetabix -at- hotmail -dot- com.

  2. This looks fun! I liked Sarah on Facebook :)
    - Your Green Tea love xxoo

  3. Sarah is amazing...photos are absolutely stunning!

  4. I liked Sarah on Facebook. wildelynn@hotmail.com

  5. I liked Sarah on Facebook and followed her on Twitter! I just want to say thank you, Krystin, for blogging about this, I wouldn't have discovered her work if I hadn't read your blog, and her photography style is exactly what I was looking for! Hooray for local talent! (rowanelbialy/at/gmail/dot/com)

  6. Liked on facebook.
    Checked out the website. Very nice photography.

  7. Checked out the website - beautiful work!
    Facebook - liked.
    Follower of this site - done.
    And I'll go mention this on my blog too!!

    How many entries is that???? *wink*

    (email: izaseth@gmail.com)

  8. I posted a comment yesterday but Im not sure where it went:) I was also waist deep in kid craziness too, so who knows! Love Sarah's work!!! Her editing tips are great too:) I liked her Facebook page (I'm not on Twitter) and wrote a comment, took a lovely stroll through the website, I'm a member of your blog AND wrote a blog entry about the contest!!!! Yippee! lanedanard@hotmail.com xxoo

  9. I liked Sarah's page on FB and follow her on Twitter. I LOVE her equine photos - she really seems to capture the horse's personality in those shots! Oh, and my e-mail is holly@scattered-words.net :)

  10. Your flyer caught my eye while I was out for a walk in my neighbourhood! I decided to rip out the contact info and after taking a look through your website, I must say you are very talented! Wishing you the best! Hopefully one day, I can get a photo session!

    All the best!


  11. I "like" Sarah Mavro on FB and definitely like seeing new photos pop up on my feed! This would be super fun and I this you are a great photographer!!!! Hopefully I can win but good luck to everyone in this awesome contest!!!
    Danica Berube :-)

  12. I "liked" Sarah Mavro on FB and would "LOVE" her page, if there was a button for that! What beautiful photos! It would be awesome to get some maternity photos done, while we still have a chance!


  13. Gorgeous photos! I "liked" Sarah Mavro on FB! You have an amazing talent, and would love to get some photos done sometime!


  14. "Liked" Sarah Mavro on Facebook! Love your work! Just discovered you by taking a walk in my neighbourhood and seeing your flyer on the mailbox! :)

  15. I liked Sarah Mavro on facebook! mary_jodonnelly@hotmail.com

  16. I liked Sarah on Facebook too! My newborn would love a free photo shoot!
    Kristikenworthy at hotmail dot com