Grassy Easter Baskets

My mom picked up a couple of these Easter Grass Kits for the littles last week and we're so glad she did. It's awesome! Linus has been checking on his grass every day first thing in the morning. It sprouted within a couple of days and has been growing so fast ever since. Linus thinks it's magical and now our pretty Easter eggs have a cozy home. This might just become a new family tradition!
 Hoppy Easter, friends! Hope it's sweet.


  1. aww lovely photos! have a great easter weekend :)

  2. this is soooo cute!! i will have to track these down next year!!


  3. Such a great way to get them excited about nature and learning how things grow!

  4. It kinda is magic isn't it... tulips grow from bulbs, trees get leaves in the spring, my hostas come alive, and grass turns green .... gotta love spring time! Looking forward to seeing you all pretty soon. Happy Easter to Linus, Krystin and Evan! Love GG and Crumpit