Right Now...

Right now I'm...

• Noticing the first signs of Spring as puddles form on our sidewalk.

Dreaming, still, of apple blossoms, budding tulips, and the beginnings of our new little garden.

• Wondering where in my home I should hang the floral embroidery hoops I found at the antique mall earlier this week.

• Sipping a tall glass of water, with lemon of course.

• Planning on going for our first bike ride of the year this weekend! 

• Seeing fresh flowers sprinkled throughout my home.

• Thinking about starting up my Etsy shop again soon. 

• Feeling lucky to have been given the complete new line of Pura- 100% natural botanical tinctures created by my lovely and ever so talented friend, Lane. Everything she makes is delectable.

• Smelling hints of peppermint and lavender.

• Looking forward to another acupuncture treatment tomorrow night.

• Reading up on crafty/science type projects to do with my boy. This book is one of my favorites.

• Wanting tacos for dinner.

• Hoping to get my sewing machine fixed tomorrow morning.

Finding the pre-nap story time to be very helpful in getting Linus to fall asleep easily.

Relishing in this quiet moment as a slumbering Linus, cuddled up next to me, begins to stir.

 Loving my littles. We had so much fun celebrating Jedi's 4th birthday today. Jedi came dressed as Darth Vader, Sadie sung Happy Birthday to him perfectly, which surprised both my mom and I, and they decorated Easter egg cookies. It was a good day.

• Wishing you all a beautiful evening filled with happiness and love. May the force be with you.

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  1. those little ones always seem so happy. they are so lucky to have you guys and that beautiful home!