In love with my littles...

They kill me! I just love them so much. When they all stuck their feet up together at the same time for that bum picture, it was so cute I could barely breath. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to know them. They're growing so fast... Jedi is just the coolest little dude. He's so excited about his birthday. He talks about it every day. He's going to be 4 on March 28th. What the what!? Sadie's become the most hilariously sweet and stubborn little girl. She's constantly surprising me with new words and sometimes if I'm lucky I can catch her singing songs to herself. Currently her favorite songs to sing are Happy Birthday and the Star Wars theme. Jedi's been teaching her well. And my boy, Linus... He's become obsessed with painting. He loves it. My house is filled with beautiful art now and I'm trying to figure out a good way to display it all. He's also been working on his letters and number to prepare for his first day of preschool, which he couldn't be more excited about. He loves to do his "homeworks" and he often let's us know how ready he is for school by pointing out his big boy undies and filling up his back pack with snacks and books! I'm getting more and more excited about him starting school now, too. I was pretty nervous at first, but now that I see just how excited he is about it, I'm feeling much better. After receiving his first school newsletter the other day I've found myself planning out snacks,  buying playdough filled eggs for him to hand out at the Easter party, and picking out his first day of school outfit! I've honestly been looking forward to this stuff since before I was ever even pregnant. It's so fun! His first day is on April 2nd. Just around the corner... I hope I can say the same about Spring. It's currently snowing here.  Edmonton... seriously?

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  1. I am definitely in love with your littles as well! Very cute littles they are! Love,GG