Happy Spring!

It's officially Spring and although our front yard obviously didn't get the memo, I'm definitely feeling it. Evan and I spent a large part of last weekend cleaning the house. I have a vase of tulips on my bedside table. Easter themed art is on my fridge. Sunshine warms our breakfast table. Chirping birds and Linus kisses wake me up each morning... Friends, life is good. I'm really looking forward to seeing the tulips I planted begin to bloom and I couldn't be more excited about plotting our little vegetable garden. I'm also hoping to plant an apple tree for Linus and we're thinking about possibly painting the exterior of our house...If we can agree on a color. Oh, I love this season. Sometimes I even think I might like Spring more than Fall... I just don't know.

I thought I would share some of my Spring/Garden inspiration. All of these images below were found via pinterest. Are you on Pinterest? 
P.s. Happy Birthday to our beautiful friend Cori. We Love you! 


  1. LOVE spring, thanks for the garden inspiration..so pretty!

  2. Oo, lovely pictures. I love that chair in the first one!


  3. I can't wait to start planting my garden! xo, rv