A lovely morning!

Right now I'm...

loving all the pretty painted hearts scattered across Linus' art table.

loving the smell of fresh coffee and flowers this morning.

loving how kind and mild this Winter has been. 

loving maple syrup almost as much as Linus does. On heart shaped pancakes and drizzled over snow.

loving that I'll be eating guava bread and pineapple in Hawaii with my family next week!

loving the books I've been reading to Linus lately.

loving and missing my family. 

loving my beautiful friends who bake me delicious muffins and cookies when I'm feeling blue.

loving life. I'm so happy to be alive. I have a lot to be thankful for and so much to look forward to.

loving my sweet little boy. His chocolatey smile. His wet kisses. His bed head. His belly. His songs. 

loving Evan. He's my wuv,  twoo wuv. He loves me for me and we've made a little family.

Happy Valentines day to you! I hope it's lovely.


  1. Happy Valentines Day to the three of you as well. I wuv you three lots and lots. Love the photos!


  2. How cute, I love all these pictures especially the one of the heart pancakes :) I must say you enchanted me with your blog so I had no other option than to follow.......