Cinder + Smoke Giveaway!

 I've decided to start a series of "around town" posts to highlight and share some of our favorite spots, things to do, places to eat and talents in and around Edmonton. I love to support local business' and I hope to spread the word about what our city has to offer to those planning a visit as well as to my fellow Edmontonians. 
What better way to start the series off than to introduce you all to one of my favorite clothing lines- Cinder + Smoke. Janna, the woman behind the beautifully made vintage inspired line, is an Edmonton based designer who has gained a lot of recognition and well dressed loyal customers due to her creations. Take a look at a few of the pieces from her latest collection. The clothes fit like a dream and the fabrics are just so lovely. I own and love a number of her dresses and tops, including a couple from the photos below. Oh, how I would love to add that red dress and that jacket to my collection. Along with that pretty floral button up top. I guess you can probably figure out which ones I own now...
I asked Janna a few questions about starting up her business. She's an incredibly inspiring woman. She also sent me a few photos of her shiny new studio...
 I must say, I'm kinda jealous. It looks pretty amazing.
Here's the Q & A:

•Who or what do you draw your inspiration from?
For me, it's all about fabrics. I love prints and when I find a really
lovely print the design just kind of happens. I always have an idea of
where I want to go with a season but it really comes down to the
I also follow a lot of fashion blogs (some favourites are
Leibremarlene, LuluLetty, TickTockVintage) and a few magazines
(favourite right now is Lula).

•How did you decide on the name of your business?
It took a long, long time. I think I drove my boyfriend crazy with new
ideas for names everyday! I finally settled on cinder+smoke mainly
because I just liked the sound it. It's also the name of an Iron and
Wine song and the names of father and son Chimpanzees at the St.Louis
Zoo, which I thought was cute.

•Whats your favorite thing you've ever made?
Usually, it's whatever is most recent. But, if I had to pick one that
then I think it would have to be the 'Linda' jacket. I've made them in
a bunch of different coloured wools and I am almost always happy with
the results. It seems to fit super well too.

•What challenges did you encounter in the start up of your business, if any?
Fabric has always been a challenge. Designing in Edmonton is not the
most convenient when it comes to textiles and supplies. But on the
bright side, I do get to go on shopping trips to other cities!
Other then that, I guess it would be time. When I first started
cinder+smoke, I worked a full time job and then came home to my tiny
apartment and made clothes. There was never enough time in the day to
do everything I wanted to do. And there still isn't, actually.
I really lucked out though, with the timing of cinder+smoke. It was
almost 5 years ago and that was when, at least in Edmonton, there was
a real interest in local, independent designers. I started selling
clothes at the Downtown Farmers' Market during the summer months and
then at Nokomis, a really great clothing store that carried only
Canadian designs. Sadly, Nokomis closed it's doors in January of 2011.
I really owe a lot to Jessica, the owner. She helped me out so much
when I was first starting out.

•Do you have any advice for those hoping to start up their own small business?
I guess my advice would be to love what you do. Having your own
business is more work then I ever thought it would be but I love it,
so I don't mind putting in the crazy hours.

If you're in Edmonton, you can find a number of Cinder + Smoke items at The Beauty Parlour, Bamboo Ballroom, Meese, Ponytails and Horseshoes as well as at a number of local craft fairs. To find out more be sure to check out her blog/Facebook/website. Janna also has a little Etsy shop. It's usually stocked with her recycled leather bags and a few clothing items as well.

I'm super excited to let you all know that Janna is offering up one of her buttery soft recycled leather bags to a lucky Sappy Apple reader! I've had my eye on these luscious bags of hers for quite some time now. I just love the pretty vintage floral lining and the fact that each bag is made from vintage recycled leather jackets! They are hand sewn and completely unique. Good luck! I hope you win:)

How to enter:
1. Visit Cinder + Smoke online and look around.
2. Leave a comment below letting us know how badly you want this amazing bag.
Earn extra entries by:
1. Blogging about this giveaway
2. Tweeting about this giveaway (If you are not on Twitter how about Facebook?)
3. Being a Sappy Apple blog follower:)

Leave a separate comment below letting me know in which ways you've entered. I will choose a winner on February 28th! Good Luck!


  1. I want this bag so much, I'll give an arm, leg, and a hug! Plus it's my 20th birthday soon! :)

    p.s. I liked them on facebook and that link to their shop doesn't work.

    xoxo, Jjanga

    1. I love Cinder + Smoke so much that I had a friend bring me back clothes from Nokomis before it closed, and have repeatedly made special orders for dresses and a bag from Toronto!

      I am following, I tweeted, liked C+S on facebook.

      Also, My apologies to "Kimberly" for replying, I couldn't figure out how else to post on the blog!!

  2. When I first saw this bag on your post, I thought "Ohhh, I hope that bag is being given away." I don't think I can give up any limbs though.

  3. Wow! What an amazing bag! Seriously the perfect combination of tough and sweet. The lining is so charming and the black durable leather exterior is perfect for almost any occasion!


  4. I just liked Cinder and Smoke on facebook!

  5. Also I am following the sappy apple through GFC and through bloglovin!

  6. Complete side note: Cinder the chimpanzee in St Louis was female. It was a father-daughter pair.

  7. Holy moly - what a beautiful bag! And a really cute little shop!! I would totally love this. Like, a lot!

  8. I "liked" her Facebook page and visited her etsy page and I follow your blog all the time - it is my favorite blog of all time! I really like her bags and clothes and would love to have this beautiful one!

  9. I didn't know cinder+smoke made bags too! Bonus that they're made from recycled leather... I adore them. I think I may buy a Kiska on her Etsy if I don't win :)

  10. Ah. Love this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Oh my, absolutely in love with cinder & smoke, didn't know that's how her name came to be! Very cute! Will also follow your blog. Amazing bag! Have also liked cinder & smoke on facebook.

  12. I love, love, love the fact that this is RECYCLED leather. I'd be very proud to wear this gorgeous bag that hasn't caused a big environmental footprint.

  13. P.S. Blogged at http://geetabix.blogspot.com/2012/02/cool-bag.html

  14. The Cinder+Smoke website is adorable, so many lovely things. This giveaway is so exciting, I love the bag, and the floral on the inside is so cute!
    I liked Cinder+Smoke on Facebook!

  15. I'm also a new follower of Sappy Apple!

  16. Unrelated, but speaking of cinder and smoke, you should read this: http://www.samharris.org/blog/item/the-fireplace-delusion

    1. Thanks for the link! I had no idea. We've been having so many wood burning fires since moving into our new house. Sheesh...

  17. I really enjoyed checking out the Cinder + Smoke website. Janna makes some really great stuff. And Wow - that looks like such a fun job! I love her studio! Jealous too.

  18. I love Cinder + Smoke and Jana. I always visit her during her downtown farmer's market during the summer!!! I would love to win this bag because I feel great (rock and roll and tough) when I have a black leather bag. My other one wore out and I miss it! I would love to carry a little Jana with me at all times. Also, I am most likely travelling this summer in a rock and roll band and would love to spread the word about the Sappy Apple and Cinder+Smoke across America!!! How awesome!

  19. This bag is absolutely gorgeous! I love that it's made from recycled leather, minimizing the environmental impact.

  20. I tweeted about the giveaway (https://twitter.com/j3nnt/statuses/166162646998061056) and became a follower of Sappy Apple!

  21. Also tweeted at https://twitter.com/#!/etownearthling and am following you :)

  22. My girlfriend stumbled upon your site on Facebook the other day and hasn’t stopped talking about your stuff since.
    She added you on Facebook I know she would love it if I managed to get this bag for her.

    Please help me be the very best Valentine for my wonderful, eco-conscious girlfriend!

  23. oh my, the first item I saw in their shop captured my heart - the Mallory Dress in Herringbone Wool. I love it!

    I liked them on facebook!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Hey Krystin, how cool is this! Id love the bag also -- I did 4 of the above!

  25. This is so cool! It totally reflects my ambivalent style of floral dresses and leather jackets;)

    Fingers crossed!


  26. I've been looking for any sort of black bag for over a year but this one would be esp perfect- such a classic look & I could easily bike w/ it as well!
    thank you to you both- what a talented gal!

  27. I esp love that she's getting good use out of old jackets, just my cup of tea : )

  28. Such a cute studio! And the site has such awesome things--I especially like this bag! :-)


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