Ah, the big island of Hawaii. Our home away from home. The days are flying by here. These sweet littles have had so much fun together making sand cakes and pizzas, drinking pink smoothies, running away up the  beach as the waves roll in... Yes. But, now they've all come down with something nasty. Linus was the first to get it a couple of days ago. He's on the BRAT diet now. I've been singing, "Bananas, rice, apple sauce, toast!", to the Yo Gabba Gabba beat about 10 times a day. Jedi came down with a fever not long ago and now it seems as though Sadie has been hit the hardest. She was up late last night puking. She's just sleeping on the couch next to me now. Poor babies... So, it looks like we'll be staying close to home today. Relaxing and reading on the lanai with a glass of iced coffee. The boys feel well enough to play and run around, so we might take them for a swim soon. Yes, I think we'll be alright. If Sadie Love has the same thing as the boys, she should be feeling better in no time. Hopefully all she needs is some sleep and cuddles. 

Aloha friends. Wishing you all a very beautiful day. 


  1. Looks like a lovely home away from home! Such sweet photos. Hope all the little ones feel better soon. Enjoy the warm sun!

  2. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!! very very cute pics!!