Right Now...

Right now I'm...

Stopping to reflect on the last year, take a breath and refocus myself.

• Wondering what the new year will bring...

• Snacking on kiwis.

• Smelling fresh coffee.

• Planning another fantastic blog giveaway for February.

• Seeing Linus' cool new toys sprinkled around the house.

• Relishing this cozy day. The last one before Evan heads back to work.

• Thinking we should go for a family stroll.

• Listening to fleetwood mac on the record player. 

• Feeling refreshed and ready.

• Looking forward to going to yoga class this evening. 

 Finding a place to hang my pretty new Rifle Paper co. calendar.

• Writing out a grocery list. Apples at the top of the list and salmon for dinner.

• Wanting to host another game night soon. I'm addicted now.

• Hoping to make beeswax crayons for the boy sometime this week.

 Loving Linus' water color paintings and feeling inspired to make my own.

• Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday filled with warmth and love.


  1. Beautiful photographs. Watercolor painting is so much fun! xo, rv


  2. Love Linus' arts and crafts table! Where did you get it?