Cake pops!

 My mama gifted me this cake pops cook book for Christmas and since it was my 23rd birthday last week, I decided to whip a few up for our family.  I had no idea just how easy it is to make cake pops! You just bake a cake, crumble it up, mix in some icing, roll into balls, cool, dip into melted candy and let them dry. Seriously! 
Now don't get me wrong, there is an art to making a good cake pop and it's something I have yet to master. I gave it my best shot and I think they turned out alright. At least I know Evan and Linus really enjoyed them. I'm looking forward to making more in the near future. Hopefully I'll have learned from my mistakes and the next ones will look something like this!


  1. I think your cake pops looked lovely - great first attempt! Made me want to give it a try someday. GG

  2. I've tried cake pops for my 27th birthday. It was my first attempt...and I totally utterly failed :-D
    They were so moist that I wasn't able to dip them. We ended up eating the dough instead....lol.

    Yours look great!!!


  3. I'm going to have to try this, I have so many cupcake books but no cakepop books! I just ordered Miette so maybe they will have a recipe???

    xoxo, Jjanga

  4. Those turned out awesome! I made some a few years ago and did well tell the melted chocolate part. So much cracking! Lol. Oh well! Happy belated birthday!!!!

  5. awesome! those look great. I will have to give it a shot:)

  6. They looked great and tasted fantastic!

  7. I think yours look great! And yummy.

  8. These are pretty, great colors! This looks exactly like the first batch I ever made last year. You're right, they are surprisingly easy to make!