An out of this world Ada Ada giveaway!

"Ada Ada designs clothes and accessories for babies and children from the ages of new born up to six years old. Ada Ada creates unique and high quality clothes, while maintaining comfort and beauty throughout every collection. The use of natural fabrics of the highest quality, the clean, comfortable designs and always unique, classic color line ensure that each collection is identified with the label's visions and beliefs. Ada Ada also ensures that at all times the manufacturing process is done under fair trade conditions. Our fall/winter 2011-2012 collection is inspired by the vast depths of our galaxy and the glimmer of it's stars. This collection is meant to connect with children's bravery and unlimited imagination, thus their becoming our knights in shining armor. Putting forth the children's bravery as our beacon, we too stretched our limits by using unique fabrics as in the "suede like" knits, bold contrast prints and groovy new designs. Each collection is an adventure, and we hope you join us in our journey to the stars."- Ada Ada

Sappy Apple- Would you tell us a little bit about your self and how Ada Ada came to be?

- We are 3 sister Me(Miriam), Ada and Ayelet together in this Ada Ada story. It all started when my son was born and I felt like there were not enough brands that respected the child wearing them. Everything around me was Yellow Pink and Purple completely overwhelming to my personal opinion. I felt that after I dressed him he would get lost, no long I could see him but only the stuff he was wearing. So together with my sister we started making things for him. That was 4 years ago.
Today we sell Ada Ada all over the world and our personal vision has evolved together with my kids.
While watching them we learned how to make beautiful cuts that will allow them to move freely but also will have a good shape.
We put most of our effort in making things that will NOT only look good on the hanger. 
We take great inspiration from the kids around us and we try to fallow their imagination as much as we can.
This is also why we use somewhat muted colors and simple prints, we try not to "take over" the kid, but to allow the kids to take us with them to an endless world of play and imagination.
We produce our collection in Europe so it is all Fair trade and Child labor free, we use 100% cotton and our collection is of the highest quality. We believe that good things should last :))

The ladies behind Ada Ada have generously offered to contribute to an international giveaway here on Sappy Apple. One very lucky reader will win a surprise item from their latest collection! I'm so in love with this giveaway, I wish I could win... I'll be purchasing a few Ada Ada items for the little in my life for sure! Linus totally needs that moon shirt.

How to enter:
1. Visit Ada Ada online and look around.
2. Leave a comment below letting us know how much you want the little one in your life to wear a super sweet Ada Ada piece, along with your email address (So I can contact you if you win.)
3. 'Like' Ada Ada on Facebook.
Earn extra entries by:
1. Blogging about this giveaway
2. Tweeting about this giveaway (If you are not on Twitter how about Facebook?)
3. Being a Sappy Apple blog follower:)

Leave a separate comment below letting me know in which ways you've entered. I will choose a winner on December 30th! Good Luck!


  1. Oh my goodness their collection is adorable! I love everything and can only imagine how cute Elayna would look wearing one of their pieces!


  2. this collection is so sweet ! my daughter loves the moon shirt too. she said "whoo hoo a moon shirt just for me" ! - monica

  3. their stuff is SO cute! thank you for introducing them! the photography on their site is beautiful too!

  4. Oh my! Their collection is so adorable! My little one would look great wearing anything from them! :)

  5. following them on facebook! :)

  6. Amazing pieces. I will have to get my little man into something of theirs soon... and I will remember to do so since I've just liked them on FB! Thanks, Sappy Apple for bringing lovely things to my attention!

  7. Beautiful,beautiful collection,I love everything!

  8. Fabulous clothes. I love them, and love finding out about new resources for fashionable clothing for children. It is not easy to find! I will definitely start buying clothes, for the little ones in my life, from Ada Ada.

  9. I love how their pieces are modern yet timeless. I love the moon graphic as well, and my little two year old boy would love to wear it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. don't have a little one in my life but I love their motto so much I just had to enter!! I'm a huge fan of lessening stimulants in children's lives so they can feel more calm and enjoy playing, with simple things as it was meant to be : ) & of course it's wonderful that it is fair trade and no child labor. my fav are the sparrow pieces and little jackets. email: dusanabotswana@hotmail.com

  11. Love the moon print, super sweet. Their clothes look like they're really good quality, hope I win!

  12. I have lots of little ones in my life that will look extra sweet in these clothes. Sheelagh

  13. forgot to mention i follow your blog (duh) :)