Morning tea parties.

 This boy. I just can't get enough of him. He's such a honey, especially in the morning. He wakes me up by gently touching my face and saying, "good morning mummy. It's time to wake up!". He's been filling my mornings with smiles ever since he was tiny and new. I remember his sweet milky breath, dimpled cheeks, and morning stretches. I kiss his rosy warm cheeks, roll out of bed and follow him out to the kitchen. Of course, lately the first thing he asks for has been his "chocate coin"(advent chocolate). I'm not sure why he calls them chocolate coins. They are all shaped either like Santa, a gift or a snowman... I don't think he's ever even had a chocolate coin... He probably learned about them from Jedi. I bet that between jumping on the couch, playing trains and working on puzzles, they probably sit around talking all about the various shaped chocolates that they've tried.
This morning after breakfast, Linus decided to gather up as many of his stuffed buddies as he could find and line them all up on the couch for a "tea party". This is exciting news because I've been playing tea party with him everyday at least 5x/day.  It's cute and fun the first few times, but I turn into a pretty rude guest as the day goes on. I start cleaning things around me, making dinner, reading, and e-mailing. But, now that Linus' social network has grown, he can focus on his other guests when his ever so impolite, party pooper of a mother decides to leave early.


  1. hahaha! this totally made me smile! so sweet!
    AND cute new hair cut, Linus!

  2. He's so adorable!!! I used to love tea parties :) Can't wait to have them with my babies.

  3. So cute :) Love that second photo of him surrounded by his stuffed animals.

  4. I was wondering where you go your couch?