A little morning project.

Even with all of Linus' awesome new toys currently covering our living room floor, he still manages to find time to play with this little creation at least once a day. We built it together one morning about a week ago while daddy was at work. It took us about 10 minutes to make. Using one of our many cardboard boxes, wrapping paper tubes, scissors, pretty tape, oh and I finally found another super cool use for all the felt balls I have stored away in mason jars. At first I was thinking of using marbles, but these felt balls fit perfectly and I think they're funner. Linus played with it for at least one full hour after  it was finished. I was delighted. Who knew letting multicolored balls roll down tubes could be so captivating. Yep, it's fun stuff. He's played with it every day since. He carries the thing around with him to various rooms and of course he's tried using more than just those felt balls. I've seen him use little cars, little people, trains, grapes, crayons, bouncy balls, and the crust off his toast. The little people and the crust didn't get very far, but at least he tried. I'm looking forward to many more morning projects like this one. Seeing his excitement grow as we gathered up our supplies and put it all together, then his fascination with the finished product. It was absolutely perfect.


  1. What a fun toy! Such a cute idea. I love the tape you used. So sweet. xo, rv