bits + pieces

 Popping in to share a few photos I quickly snapped this morning. It's been a very busy week for us. Decorating, cleaning, wrapping Christmas presents, a black eye, doctor's appointments, spending time with friends and family. My friend Cori came over a couple of days ago which was truly lovely. We made pretty fabric bows, sipped tea, listened to Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas, and kept toasty warm by the fire. We've been loving our fireplace. As for that black eye... Linus ran into a table corner last Sunday. He hit just below the eye... thankfully. I'm just so glad I didn't see it happen like most of our family did. I probably would have fainted right then and there. He woke up the next morning with a real shiner. You can sort of see it in the photo below. It's pretty heartbreaking. He only just got over a nasty cold, and last night he managed to scratch his cheek on the big stone wall of our fireplace. Poor little guy can't catch a break. Is this how it is for most 2.5 year olds? The black eye doesn't seem to bother him at all, but I hope it heals soon... We've been getting some pretty strange looks when we go out and he's been getting away with a lot more than usual. I have a hard time disciplining a two year old with a black eye, scratched cheek and sniffly nose...


  1. Poor little guy! Hope he catches a break soon and starts feeling better!

  2. such great pictures!!!

    feel better, little guy!

    allister bee blog

  3. great shots! love the vintage christmas books!

  4. Lovely photos! It's all so cheerful! I hope to get in the Christmas spirit when I decorate my home this weekend, too.
    Hope your little man feels better soon :)