tiny tornadoes...

Children are like tiny tornadoes. Sadie and I walked into Linus' room after he and Jedi had been in there, quietly playing together for a few minutes. As my chin dropped, she found a cozy spot to sit and take in all the fantastic books that had been scattered all over the floor in a giant colorful heap. Luckily for me, these tiny tornadoes not only empty the bookshelves and read to themselves and each other in adorable little voices, but they also like to help me clean up!


  1. aww! what sweet and innocent faces...love the hair! :) -Lo

  2. So cute! That's exactly what Sammy does with all the books, it's just that he's not helping me putting them back! Haha!

  3. my kids love books and they would be right at home in that picture.