Right Now...

Right now I'm...

Loving how much time Linus spends painting and colouring these days. I'd happily cover my walls with his art work.

Wondering where November went... 

Sending out a few holiday cards.

Snacking on cinnamon raisin toast.

Smelling fresh coffee.

Planning another cozy afternoon, reading holiday stories with my boy before nap time.

Seeing shriveled finger tips that belong to a squeaky clean little guy.

Craving the seriously delicious sweet potato bisque I had at Wild Earth Cafe a few days ago. I licked the bowl clean.

Thinking I probably should have left it to the professionals to cut Linus' hair yesterday. Something very strange is happening on top of his head today...

Listening to A Very She & Him Christmas... as usual.

Wrapping and wrapping and wrapping....

Feeling lucky to be a person who finds pleasure in the art of wrapping gifts. 

Looking forward to seeing the play 'Closer' tonight with Evan. Our good friend Sarah has a starring roll along with my childhood best friend, Katie. I can't wait!

Finding my 23 and Me results very interesting...

Checking to make sure all of our Christmas lights are in working order before putting them up outside.

Wanting Evan to put them up for me....pretty please? Tomorrow night!?

Hoping to see The Muppets in theaters with my guys. It would be Linus' first time seeing a movie at the theater (not counting the times I used to take him to "stars & strollers" when he was just a few months old).

Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday filled with warmth and love.


  1. what a great post- I love all the pictures :)

  2. I always love these posts of yours! Gives me that small glimpse into your home. Hopefully I can come visit for real one day!