One Year!!

Today my little blog is one year old! 

Making the effort each day to post about our daily life, little moments and big events, inspirations, and the growth of the little ones I love has changed my life. I appreciate the little things. I've become more mindful and present. I take the time to smell the roses. I take photos. I reflect and set goals for myself. I've met some pretty talented and inspiring folks, too. I'm just so glad I started. 

Thank you ever so much for checking in, for leaving such kind comments and e-mails, for donating to and participating in giveaways, for supporting my little shop and for not making fun of my spelling and grammar mistakes... I know there have been plenty. You're the bees knees!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. i love this little picture! and congratulations on your blog!! that's so exciting!!

    allister bee blog

  2. Happy First Year! Love your little balloon doodle too :)

  3. Happy Blog Birthday. =) I enjoy it immensely!


  4. Happy first year, happy you're here!