Visiting Vancouver

We spent a few days in Vancouver this past week visiting my dad, his wife Hemsa and their two sweet boys(my brothers) Elias & Zane. We stayed with them in their unbelievably beautiful (and somewhat famous) home. It was Elias' 5th birthday last Saturday so we were happy to be around for the celebrations. We gave him a doctors kit and costume which he said was "THE BEST GIFT EVER!". Zane is 6 months older than Linus, and I must say, listening to those two chat with each other is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Linus had so much fun with his Uncles. It breaks my heart that we rarely see them- maybe 5 times a year. We hope to visit again very soon. Evan and I are always happy to visit Vancouver and our family there. I love Elias and Zane to death. They are so genuinely sweet and the things they say are hilarious. I miss them so much... 
The photos below are what I captured on my Instagram. Most of the outdoor photos were taken in the backyard!


  1. I am glad you had a great time but even more glad that you have returned home and that I will see you soon. I miss you when you are away! Love, GG

  2. yay! Your photos look so beautiful. I love that your siblings are so much younger than you. My smallest is 3 and people always think it is so crazy that I am 26. We will have to swap stories one day:)

  3. I lived in Vancouver for a year before I got pregnant and I miss it! Family is nice, but Edmonton doesn't compare!