This Morning...

...we had a few friends over to play, including baby Athena and baby Cove. The newest additions to the play group. Of course, I went a little camera-happy having two new chubs around to photograph...
I pretty much inhaled these bubs while they were here. I just can't get enough sweet baby cuddles and fuzzy peach head nuzzles. Thanks for hanging out with us this morning. We had such a wonderful time. I truly love filling my house with babies.


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  2. Oh my gosh- so incredibly cute!!
    -Auntie Kerri

  3. That last photo!!! ahhh! so cute :) I'm glad there more play pals for your Linus

  4. Loved this post, of course!!! Thanks for being thlimits delightful of hosts. Your home is divine and your nurturing spirit- the best! Love u and thsy adorable little man of yours:) xo