A sick little Schmoop...

Sorry it's been so very quiet in this space over the last week. We've been partying it up at our new home with friends and family. I hosted a baby shower for my aunt who will be traveling to China in a few weeks to pick up her sweet little Jill. I love throwing shin digs now that we have the space. I look forward to hosting many a dinner party, birthday, baby shower- hey, I'd even host a Tupperware party in the future! 
Unfortunately all the parties we've been having isn't the only thing that has been keeping me away from Sappy Apple... Linus recently came down with a nasty virus and I've been spending the days(and nights) nursing him back to health. We've been cuddling up together, sipping tea and using my lap top to watch all sorts of fantastic movies- The Jungle Book, The Secret of Nimh, The Lion King, Fern Gully, Babies! It's very exciting stuff because before this, Linus had yet to watch a full length movie. He usually has too much playing, drawing and jumping off the couch to do. 
Let's hope all that healthy energy returns soon enough. I hate seeing my sweet little schmoop in so much pain. It's heartbreaking...


  1. Hope your little sweetheart is feeling much better soon. I love you both very, very much. Give him a kiss for me. Love, GG

  2. Aww i hope he gets better soon. Even though he is sick, the time to just relax together is much appreciated!