Right Now...

Right now I'm...

sipping an earl grey tea.

wishing Autumn would last forever.
listening to my October mix tape.
looking forward to celebrating my brother Elias' 5th birthday this weekend!
seeing sweet little Sadie look at books on the floor in front of me.
smelling cinnamon waffles.

hanging a few photos on the walls.
wondering when I'll ever finish putting together my craft room...

noticing the forgotten bowl of apple slices.
finishing off the last slice.

filling the front entry with pumpkin lanterns and scary silhouettes.
thinking I should decide what I want to be for Halloween.
feeling proud of my two year-old boy who now let's me know when he has to use the potty! 
marveling at how well Sadie is able to wander from room to room and some how scout out the tiniest banana bread crumbs.
hoping to dig the potatoes from our garden before it freezes. 
longing for another family bike ride.
loving these 'Right Now' posts. They bring the pleasure of this moment into full clarity for me. Allowing me to feel present, fulfilled and ready for whatever the day may bring.


  1. oh my. These photos make me want to paint my whole house white! I need some of this light in my life.

    Sadie looks quite adorable in those pig tails:)

  2. Love your little list. It's sweet and lovely.. sounds a lot like my day...


  3. What a sweet little blog you have. So beautiful and simple. xo, rv


  4. It does sound lovely to write such a post. I think it might be a good idea for me to do that every once in a while and practice being present. Your day sounds so peaceful!