Mix Tape- October!

If I had to pick one season to be my favorite it would be Autumn. The foliage, the cozy knit sweaters, the freckled ending of a busy and blissful Summer… I always try to savor every fleeting moment of Fall. For me, a long walk on the beach would pale in comparison to a tree-lined street. It’s the end of impulsiveness and the beginning of improvement, the calm and colorful realization that I didn’t really commit to many of my Summer goals. So many lingering lists and dusty boxes to unpack... But, why worry?  It’s a beautiful mess out there and not even the sidewalks seem to mind…
I'm off with my boys to soak it all in. Sip a chai tea latte, surround myself with the ones I love and eat a piece of pumpkin pie, of course.
Happy Thanksgiving and a little music mix from me to you!
p.s. you may notice i'm a little in love with Lanterns On The Lake right now... It's just the prettiest music.


  1. what a beautifully written post! I absolutely agree with you. Fall is my absolute favorite. I love the changing leaves and the hope of being more productive for sure. And pumpkin flavored everything! :) -Lo

  2. Krystin- I just have to say- you are so talented, and I absolutely love the way you write. Your writing is so beautiful and the way you weave words and images together has a profoundly touching effect; you notice the beauty around you and are able to successfully and beautifully get that feeling across with both your words and photography- what a gift that is.
    Love, Auntie Kerri

  3. Fall is by far my favorite. Well put. Of course I love your playlist! I have been listening to Cruel by St. Vincent so much lately! I love the music video too.

  4. Thanks for sharing those lovely tunes! Perfect fall playlist!