Linus Bikes

I came across something very exciting this morning... A beautiful line of bicycles called Linus Bikes! My mom pointed one of these pretty bikes out to me while flipping through a magazine and of course, the name on it made me squeal with excitement! Linus is one of (if not the) most wonderful names in the world;) Plus, it's not often that we come across anything or anyone with the name, unless it happens to be a peanut... So, I looked 'Linus Bikes' up on the inter webs and was pleasantly surprised by all the lovely models, colors, baskets and bags! I'm already the proud owner of a Jorg & Olif  bicycle, gifted to me by Santa a few years ago. But me oh my, I might just have to buy one of these and give it to Linus in 10 years. They are all just too delightful!


  1. they are so great!! i just got one this summer (the cream coloured one in the middle) and named it lucy! :)

  2. No way! I love the cream one and I love that you named it Lucy:)

  3. I love these bikes too! I really want the cream one or this one in black: http://www.electrabike.com/Bikes/amsterdam-royal8i-bikes-mens
    I love both.