Happy Halloween!!!

 Just a little peek into what our Halloween looked like. What a wonderful night it was. The weather was lovely, the moon was perfect, our neighbors are so friendly, and Linus came home tonight with his treat bag almost full! He had a fantastic time going door to door with Jedi and Sadie. I told you this would be a spooky post, but it's more cute than anything. We're all so exhausted and full of chocolate now. Sweet dreams and Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Loved all the costumes - Max, Big Bird, the black bird, doodlebop, and your pumpkins were wonderful! Don't you just love Halloween! Love GG

  2. Oh my goodness, they are so so adorable! What fun costumes you both have too, I love when adults dress up, bet the kids got a kick out of it too. Glad you all had a great time : )


  3. That Where the Wild Things are costume is great! Love it!