Sadie Love is One!

It was Sadie baby's birthday on Friday! Her first year whizzed by so quickly, I'm finding it hard to believe she's one already! I plan on making an album(or two) with all the adorable photos I have of her first year. I just feel so lucky to have such a little honey in my life. 
My sweetest sister spent the morning dancing at her first music class while Jedi was at preschool. They later came over to our house for lunch and to play with Linus in the backyard. Gramma Goo was able to come for lunch, and smother Sadie with birthday kisses, as well. We're looking forward to a weekend full of celebration. Sadie will be having a button themed party. I can imagine it will be completely adorbs.  I will take many pictures and will hopefully find a bit of time to post a few of them next week. 
The painters are almost finished and the new kitchen and bathroom flooring is scheduled to be  installed in just over a week! I've been a busy bee making our house into a lovely home, working on getting my new shop up and running, playing with the littles in my life, and getting in as many family bike rides as possible before it snows! Things are beginning to settle again, I have more time to spend with these cuties, and i'm just so thankful for that.

Happy Birthday my Sadie baby. We sure love you!


  1. Ohh yay! First birthdays are magical. I'm a few months away from my little one's FOURTH birthday. It feels like it all just flew bad. Take every moment in Mama!

  2. I am so blessed to have you 4 lovelies in my life.