I miss him already...

 Evan and I will be taking off to Portland, OR for 3 days to see Bon Iver in concert and it will be the longest time I've ever been away from my lil' Linus. He's only ever been away from me over night once before, and that was on our wedding night. Plus, Evan and I were able to pick him up the next morning as soon as we woke up. I know he's going to be well taken care of while we're gone. I'm not worried about that. He'll have so much fun hanging out with our family and I'll probably miss him way more than he'll miss me, but he's still just my baby and I can't help but worry a little... It's only 3 days, right!? 
I've been attacking Linus with extra kisses and cuddles lately. Luckily he's a super cuddle bug and often attacks me back. He's so lovable! Today after running a few errands we spent some time at home together playing cars, working on puzzles, coloring, becoming Angry Birds masters and ventured out into the backyard for a while. He helped me swiffer the floors, fold the laundry (as best he could), and suggested we have a dance party- which of course we did. He's my little dude. My sidekick (or am I his?...) and boy oh boy am I going to miss him.


  1. Super cute!!! Can't wait to see you guys next Friday:) Love the peaking tushie shot! xoxo

  2. Lovely pictures! I can't wait to see more family pictures on your blog!