Autumn Goals

 The 1st of September always feels like a fresh start to me. The air is clean and brisk in the mornings, the colors are changing around us,  and we can say farewell to another blissful and very VERY busy Summer. This morning Linus and I watched as the children in our neighborhood walked to school with their shiny new shoes and stuffed back packs. I use to love the first day of school. It was always so exciting and nerve wracking to find out who your teacher was going to be. Is your bff in the same class? Did you bring enough fruit roll up to share with possible new friends?! Oh, and the best part might just be finally getting to open the new box of 64 crayons with built in crayon sharpener! 
I'm so looking forward to going through those experiences all over again with Linus. Hopefully my excitement will rub off on him. Jedi will be starting pre-school on the 7th, and he's far from excited about it. Poor guy was tearing up just thinking about it the other day. I have a feeling the first few days are going to be extremely difficult for both Jedi and my mom. We know he'll warm up to it eventually though. He just needs a little buddy to take his hand and all will be well again.

And so, with a fresh new season comes fresh new goals! Here are a few of mine:
• Start my photography courses and learn to take better pictures!
• Open my new little Etsy shop.
• Go for a family bike ride or an evening stroll at least 3 times/week.
• Read more.
• Finish up my Christmas shopping.
• Take a ton of pictures. 
• Enjoy live music with my love.
• Get my sewing machine fixed and finish up all of my lingering sewing projects.
• Take Linus to the playground before it's blanketed with snow!
• Potty train the boy.
• Limit frivolous spending.
• Knit a big cozy blanket.
• Do yoga.
• Learn how to use photoshop.
• Make pie.
• Continue to turn our new house into a lovely home.
What are your plans?
Below is a little Autumn inspiration via my Pinterest. Wishing you all a comfy cozy Fall!


  1. good list. :) mine includes: making a lap quilt, stitching up pajama pants for the husband and boy, searching for the right college, and getting my house really organized--even the parts you can't see.

  2. sweet post- definitely inspiring. I think i'll sit down and map out some goals this Fall...

    Also, I would love to do a button swap with you, I just adore your blog :) feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you are down!



  3. We have a lot of the same goals. Photoshop, eesh, not looking forward to that one!

  4. What lovely plans. I would love to plan to invest more time on my blog, photography, and meeting new bloggers. I am also looking forward to figuring out a way to pay good lunches for my daughter who is starting school next week. For someone who doesn't cook it is going to be a nightmare. Ahrrrr!

  5. that image of the blanket you found you to die for! i'm hoping to keep up my blog and etsy this month.


  6. My eye went straight to that giant chunky knit blanket thing... I want it. Autumn could not ome quick enough.