Today I will...

Make a quiche.
• Help Linus perfect his Oprah impersonation.
• Decide on paint colours for the new house.
• Play in the backyard.
• Read stories to my boy while he sits on the potty.
• Watch The Royal Tenenbaums while I fold laundry.
• Fold some more laundry.
• Kiss Jedi and Sadie and Linus, too.
• Go to my pottery class.
• Finally see the last HP movie!
• Cuddle with my guys before bed.
These Days - The Royal Tenenbaums from Music + Films on Vimeo.


  1. I want your day! I still have not seen the new HP movie either:( I feel like a very lame fan.

  2. Me neither! I couldn't get tickets for last weekend (actually I refused to sit in the first row), so now I have tickets for next Saturday! Well, something to look forward to then. I hope you enjoy it Krystin!

  3. Brian and the kids are going to see the Harry Potter movie tonight too.

    I will need to see Linus's Oprah impersonation!

  4. Love the oprah comment it's aweeeeeesomeeeeeeeee (oprah way of saying it) one of friends and I always do the oprah accent! Haha