Simple Pleasures

 Just a few things around here that are bringing me joy.

• Home made smoothies made with Greek yogurt, coconut water, and frozen berries. So nummy!
• Practicing my throwing at pottery class.
• The ripening berries all over our neighborhood. 
• Eating lunch in the park with my guys.
• The overwhelming number of paint color choices. What color should I choose for the master          bedroom? kitchen? bathrooms? craft room!?
• My Emersonmade dress and my pretty blue ring from Club Monaco. Maybe I'll paint the craft room the same colour as this stone...
• Jedi trying on Sadie's new hair band.
• Sadie baby following me around the house. Yesterday she put Jedi's undies on her head and started to laugh and squeal. She's a little jokester.
• Daydreaming about all the exciting things we have to look forward to... Our new house, folk fest, a Mediterranean cruise with my family, starting my photography classes this fall, seeing Bon Iver and Other Lives in Portland, and meeting the newest addition to our family- sweet little Jilly bean who is being adopted by my aunt and uncle from China! Yes, she already has a nickname and we haven't even met her yet. They/we have been waiting 5 years for this.
• Watching this "bicycle Rush Hour" clip from the Netherlands. Evan showed me this video a few weeks ago. It's incredible!

Wishing you all a very happy Monday!


  1. everything about this post is awesome! Your the best!

  2. I LOVE that dress!

    I always laugh a little at the excitement of Americans and Canadians about going on a bike ride, how cool it seems to be to have a bike. But here in the Netherlands everybody has a bike, it's the most normal thing to go somewhere by bike and that includes school, your job, running errands, everything. Different world :)

  3. Thanks you two!
    Inge, it would be my dream to have this be rush hour in Edmonton instead of the insane number of trucks and hummers we have on the roads. So awesome!

  4. I found you via Here's Looking at me kid! Your blog is great. I love that dress!

  5. I put either coconut water or coconut milk in all my smoothies and shakes! It's so healthy and they taste sooo good! :D

    Cassie // Coffee & Chopsticks

  6. Awh! I love everything on your list! It really is the simplest things in life that make it worthwhile. I'm loving the paint, the smoothie, and that pretty white dress! <3

  7. I adore that dress! So perfect. And I love your collages of photos. I found you via LA. Great stuff!

    katie scarlett


  8. Oooo, I love that dress. :)

    You're blog is so cute!

  9. Coconut water? I must try. We make smoothies on the weekend. Just started using greek yogurt and its heavenly. Came over from Freckled Nest!

  10. oh my goodness I love that ring - so pretty!

  11. Expand
    Freckled NEst said I should leave you an encouraging comment. Remember what Gen McArthur said : Aging wrinkles the body Quitting wrinkles the soul

  12. I took a pottery class in May and found out I'm student teaching a ceramics class this school year! It's such a satisfying feeling having something tangible and functional when you're done.

  13. What a sweet post! Makes me feel very happy for the things I have on my horizon as well! XO

  14. that smoothie looks so yummy and refreshing! (visiting from FN)

  15. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and saw the bicycle video. I am from the Netherlands and it is so much fun to see an outsiders view on our nations habits. We do tend to bike a lot... Me included. I recently did a bike makeover(my bike has red and white polkadots now). I also thought I recognized the city, and indeed it was Utrecht. Fun :)



  16. You're Photographs are beautiful and your blog is so sweet :-) I'm new to blogging and yours is one of my inspirations :-) I found you through Rebecca Caradid, and I love everything I see! I would love it so much if you took the time to look at my new blog and give me a few pointers and friendly criticisms. I really hope to hear from you!