Right Now...

right now, I am...

• feeling the burn on my shoulders.
snacking on a big bowl of fresh berries.
listening to a squirrel drop pine cones on the roof above me. Over and over and over again.
• finishing a glass of lemonade with mint infused ice cubes.
• noticing just how many trains and wooden train tracks Linus has.
• watching the strawberries that greet us at our door start to ripen.
• rejoicing over my growing vegetable garden!
• choosing paint colors for our new house.
• wearing my pretty new dress made by local designer Cinder + Smoke.
• wondering when Sarah and I are going to take a little road trip this summer.
• looking forward to my new pottery class starting this week.
• loving how well Linus and Jedi have been getting along, playing outside and taking care of Sadie.
• planning on making a little dress for Sadie out of one of my vintage pillow cases.
• cooking the orzo for the yummy orzo salad I'm making for the potluck at Evans office tomorrow.
• hoping to go for an evening walk with my loves after dinner.
• setting up the hammock and hoping the pesky skeeters leave me alone for 15 minutes. Ha!
• wishing you a relaxing summer evening.
(inspired by Soulemama)

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