New Home Inspiration

I've been spending a lot of time preparing for our move and looking for mid-century style inspiration. We're moving into a 1961 built bungalow in a really lovely and family friendly neighborhood here in Edmonton. The yard/garden is beautiful and private and it comes fully equipped with a wooden swing set for Linus! We plan on making a few small changes as soon as we get in- paint, kitchen floors, and a few new furniture pieces (I'll be taking before and after shots). The house has been recently renovated and is in great condition, but there are certain things we would like to change eventually. We have a vision. For now, I'm just looking forward to being moved in and able to relax with a good book, soak in the tub, play in the yard, dance in the living room, curl up on the couch for a movie, make pancakes for breakfast and all that good stuff. Oh, and I'll finally have my very own craft room! So excited! Bathroom tiles and kitchen counter tops will just have to wait...

  Unfortunately, because it's a bungalow the slide just simply won't work... Bummer! 
We also plan on getting Linus in to his very own bed and potty trained once we're settled. Yep, big changes for this little family. Here's to smooth as pudding transitions.
All photos via my Pinterest.


  1. I love all of your inspiration photos. Seriously I think we were sisters in a previous life or something. I just love your style! The first shot of the house makes me want to cry. I want it so bad. I've always said that if I could live in the house that the Incredible's live in in the Disney movie I would! In a heart beat! Can't wait to see pictures of your new home as well as the before and afters!

  2. Remind me to show you the little drawers in my basement that you can have for your craft room. The one in the photo above brought that to mind. Love you lots and lots, GG

  3. Thanks Lindy! I love the incredibles house too. Ughh, all the beautiful inspiration is enough to make me sick. It's too much!

    Grandma, I would absolutely love to have those drawers for my craft room. They are perfect!