The long weekend

 We drove to Calgary for the long weekend. We just wanted to get away from the house. It's been exhausting trying to keep it tidy and clean for all the showings we've been having at home and we thought it would be best if we just left it for a while. I'm so glad we did because we ended up having a really great weekend. Our hotel was gorgeous and we got a really great deal, we walked everywhere, took a trip to the zoo, watched the Canada Day fireworks, and we met up with my mom, Mike, Jedi and Sadie Buttons who also decided to drive to Calgary for the weekend in search of furniture and a visit with family. Jedi and Linus had so much fun running around the park together. Jedi found like 5 different stages to practice his break dancing on while Linus grooved beside him. They are so funny together. 
Here is what our weekend looked like according to my iPhone...


  1. Love the birdies... and you three too! GG

  2. gorgeous iphone shots! and it's so lovely to come upon a canadian blog :)

  3. Is it wrong that before I read your post I saw the ice cream and though "hey that looks like Zoo ice cream"? I may have a problem! haha! Looks like fun!

  4. Lindy, that so funny. It was soo friggin' good though. I had to get another before we left...

  5. awww...it made my heart twinge when you said you went to Calgary for the weekend. After living there for 8 years I just moved to Ontario last October. For the first time ever, I missed it for a second. Thanks!!!! :) LOL
    Love your blog - especially the name! Keep writing about Alberta - it's fab!