Eaten alive...

We went for a little family bike ride this evening after dinner. It was a much needed break. I've been a little stressed lately, so being able to get out with my guys and do something active was nice. The river valley is such a beautiful place to ride. Unfortunately, with all these freakin' mosquitoes we could only stand to be down there for a short time. We're feeling weak now from all the blood loss. 
You can click on the photos for a closer look.


  1. I love your biking outfit. My bike is really similar to yours:)

  2. Deet, deet, is oh so sweet.
    Keeps the 'skeeters off your meat.
    Let's keep hoping for some heat,
    Then the skeeters might be beat.

    Glad you got out to enjoy some biking time. Hope next time you don't lose so much blood!

    love the photos... especially the one of the arch of the bridge. GG

  3. You're a great photographer!

  4. Going out and do something active is always a good remedy. I wish I'd have thought of that today!

  5. U look beautiful!
    My hubby bought me a bike a few months ago and I havent taken it out for a spin yet, maybe this week? :)