Tickled Pink

 I've been rushing around trying to snap a few more pink photos to add to the Colour Week Flickr pool today. We spent most of the day at my moms, while potential buyers looked through our house... I can still smell the perfume of whoever was in here last. Kinda gives me the heebie jeebies. We also took a little trip to IKEA. Linus and Jedi love the place and go totally bonkers running around the store, playing with the toys and eating ice cream. Linus decided to have a melt down about half way through the store today though. It was nap time, so I should have seen it coming. He flopped down onto the ground and flipped out for a while simply because things were not going his way. We eventually told him that we were leaving to get ice cream and proceeded to walk away. It worked. He followed us, all teary eyed,  saying "ice cream! Where are you!?". Ahh, two year olds. 
Little guy is napping now while I take in the stillness and a cup of tea. It's nice.


  1. gorgeous gorgeous photos!!! i love the pink!!!

    allister bee blog

  2. awe xD poor little Linus was cranky : (

    at least the icecream idea worked! :)

  3. Oh gosh, I love all of your things pink! I am a new faithful follower. Check out all my favourite things pink at my blog www.cheekypinktulip.blogspot.com

    Maria xx